Frequently Asked Questions

general questions

Tutors at SIDI are highly experienced best in the industry with practical knowledge and experienced classroom teaching. Our tutors keep on updating themselves with latest knowledge of the design field, which helps the students to learn the contemporary trend as well.
Anyone who has completed 12th class in any stream, with no age limit, to the skill based course.
English is a medium of instruction but to help students understand better hinglish is also used. Exams need to be given only in English.
You just need to have love and appreciation for art , style, design, color, aesthetic sense etc. Sketching/ drawing/ painting/ stitching in add on advantage.
You can apply for the course online via our website or you can enroll yourself for the course by visiting our campus.
Per batch only 25 students are admitted for better teacher student ratio.
This course has both part time and full time schedule.
Assessments are done via our specialized format for better understanding of students and grades are allotted instead and rank basis.
Yes we do offer weekly site visits, practical workshops, market survey etc to make students aware of practical implication of what they learned in class.
It totally depends on students creativity and imagination. As after doing the designing course many doors open for the students to earn .He / she can be designer/ stylist / color analyst/ freelancer etc. So sky is the limit to earn as designers.