SIDI’s Certificate Programmer in Digital Photography helps you acquire the practical skills necessary to become a better photographer. With course, you gain in-depth knowledge of the working of DSLRs, lighting, outdoor photography, and image editing techniques, A hands-on, project-oriented approach helps you build a substantial portfolio that will showcase your photography skills. This programme is designed over 20 weeks with 40 sessions and 5 practical assignments.

Program Content

  1. Understand and select best camera and allied set up for you.
  2. Apply imagination to match the theme and need of your work.
  3. Arrange optical and digital parameters.
  4. Process Images using software.
  5. Use the images for digital printing.
  6. Make college of pics
  7. Create special effects (5 Modules)
  8. Shoot independently for small functions, portrait, outdoor shoots, dancing instances etc.


  1. Introduction to photography
  2. Working with the digital SLR camera
  3. Types of lenses (Tele, Macro)
  4. Composition
  5. Photoshop: Processing JPEG
  6. Lights and exposure setting
  7. Outdoor shoots
  8. Special effects in processing
  9. Accessories and enhancements
  10. Applied photo processing
  11. Project submission