The Design Industry demands continues change in range of products it can offer to the customers. New Ideas and efficient designs for a wide range of products are always admired in the Interior Decor Industry . So if you have this urge to be a product designing expert, SIDI offers you the right guidance . Under supervision of the best in the field Learn Solidworks and Keyshot 3D rendering software and build a career in this field.

Topics Covered

  • History
  • Fundament als of Design (FOD)
  • Freehand Sketching (FHS)
  • Analytical drawing (AD)
  • Materials and Processes (MP)
  • Ergonomics
  • Model Making(S oftware + Manual) (MM)
  • Design Project (DP)


Students will learn the use of the Product Design and Development Process, as a means to manage the development of an idea from concept through to production. Employ research and analysis methodologies as it pertains to the product design process, meaning, and user experience. It will help to demonstrate the ability to identify, analyze, conceptualize and solveinterior design problems. ... Apply learned designprinciples to solve the problem. Communicate solutions through 2D and 3D drawings, color theory and proper specifications of materials