SIDI is actually a call for all of us at the Space Institute of Design & Innovation, a call to define, design and deliver. This wonderful learning platform comes from the house of Space Interior Raipur. It's one of the most innovative design house in Central India. Past 10 years' journey of learning has only become more vibrant and demanding with each passing day. Indeed learning is still going on and will go forever. In this process we came across many talented youth who wanted to do something in the designing world but got frustrated due to improper and inappropriate guidance, losing all golden years. During my college days at Pune University I always sensed this gap in education.

Why books never connect the student with real work environment ? And when the cheering youth steps out of the cool college campus and faces the real world of work, they feel stunned and cheated. This fact has been eating me for past many years , If I could do something in this direction ? I kept asking this , and I got to reply this after hard-work of 3-4 years. Today I am glad for I have an answer to it, I am presenting this before you with all my team in form of a premier design institute - Space Institute of Design & Innovation, which is gaining the buzz as SIDI. As I said SIDI is really a call for you as a student and a budding professional , to make the best of designing world. On behalf of SIDI team I extend you a warm welcome to SIDI , to your gateway of a new age design studies that shapes you up for the real work environment.