Our faculty members Don't Teach

At SIDI we do not teach , we just do 3 things -
  • We CONNECT : We make you meet the DESIGNER in YOU
  • We CATALYZE : We turn your learning switch ON.
  • We CREATE : We develop your learning into a market ready product , and that is why we say Our faculty members don't teach.
SIDI Mentoring Levels

We understand that not all that you need to learn can come from similar levels and styles that is how SIDI created a knowledge network within the SIDI mentors.

SIDI Mentoring Levels

Every student is assessed with a DQ test - Design Quotient and then the mentors closely observe and ensure that your DQ keeps growing and finally meets the client and recruiters market based needs. We follow 6 fold learning methodology for achieving this goal for you , we call them BRICKS.

  • Basic Skills through lectures and discussion
  • Reflective Learning through Market Research Exercises
  • Interactive Learning through Critical Presentation Sessions
  • Continuous Learning through CAP - Continuous Assessment Programme
  • Knowledge building through Student Exchange Programmes at national and international levels
  • Sustainable learning Live Project Validations from Recruiters and Clients
Thrust of THREE levels of mentoring at SIDI

SIDI faculty network extends beyond its in campus faculty and gets you the valuable association with 3 levels of mentors :

  • Thinkers : Renowned Academicians from business academia from renowned design institutes from Pune, Bangalore, Kolkata, New Delhi , Nagpur , Indore, Mumbai and Jaipur.
  • Achievers : Excellent Professionals and Entrepreneurs with best performances in the respective areas of fashion , interior , photography , visual communication design and graphics .
  • Hallmarks: The renowned Corporate Houses operating in and around the Central India belt adding value to the resources of this region and catering through their services to the people of this region.