This is what we Just follow at SIDI. Space Institute of Design and Innovation is an autonomous premier design institute that is set as a substantial idea to bring in the new age of design thoughts and to raise the bar of design learning in Chhattisgarh. The new is what inspires us.

SIDI is the only institute that teaches with Individual Career Planning. Not all fingers are alike and yet we can't dismiss even a single one of being less useful, similarly there is scope for every talented individual. All we need is to see and define the PRODUCT as and in YOU. SIDI religiously guides the students for a comfortable start up of a sustainable career and for that it has expertise from the best of design world in India and abroad.

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Our Vision

  1. To encourage our students for a design career.
  2. To make Raipur city & Chhattisgarh state stands a better place in design field.
  3. To encourage the tribal art & aesthetics of Chhattisgarh world wide.
  4. To create & deliver design professionals.
  5. To achieve high standards in creativity & designing by encouraging skill based courses.

Our Mission

  1. To become the most premier design institute in central India.
  2. To provide quality education through experienced faculties , which leads students for a professional growth.
  3. To generate skill based opportunities for today's generation for better living.
  4. To cater to the designing needs & demands of society.